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Purple Galore - Zuca Sport & Sonia Kashuk Brushes

After waiting months, my Zuca Sport frame is here! I got the bag insert and the other accessories months ago but the frame got delayed. I saw the limited edition Sonia Kashuk brush set online and immediately had to have them. I think i might have given my favourite colour away :P


So the Zuca cooler bag i posted in the previous blog entry, sits on top of my beautiful Zuca Sport and the back of it has 2 velcro straps that fastens it to the telescopic handle. I use the cooler bag as my 'handbag' when i go in assignments to put my wallet, phone, charger etc. But itsbig enought to also hold my brush belt and other things that i forgot to pack into the Zuca Sport. Also it keeps my bottled water or tea cold haha.

The Zuca Large Utility pouch fits perfectly in both the Zuca Sport and cooler bag. Most importantly, its easy to clean and transparent.

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